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Terms of Service

High Impact Site Design (HISD) provides a range of services from website design to promotional campaigns designed to drive traffic to the sites and convert visitors into prospects and sales.

When working with High Impact Site Design, the following terms of service apply, unless specifically amended in a formal written contact between the parties.


By the nature of the work being carried out, there are no guarantees of performance other than the delivery of the services for which the client has contracted.

It is not possible to guarantee the amount of traffic, search engine rankings, or other online performance metrics. All of these factors can be influenced by issues over which we do not have control.

We do however guarantee that all work performed will be done in accordance with industry best practice and that all of our employees will conduct themselves in a professional manner.

Specifically, work done to promote websites will be performed in a professional and ethical manner and will not include "black hat" techniques designed to fool search engines. In addition to being best practice, attention to this factor will help to prevent your website from being penalized or banned.

Responsibilities of the Parties

High Impact Site Design is responsible for providing the services as described in any contractual agreement, and for the rendering any specific deliverables agreed upon.

It is the responsibility of the client to provide any information, text content and/or images that are required in order to enable HISD to deliver the services described in the contract.

Copyright and Intellectual Property Ownership

HISD retains the copyright to website design and the content provided by them for the website. However, on termination of the contract the client shall be provided the opportunity to purchase the copyright (for a modest charge) as well as to receive all files used for the implementation of the website and the rights to the registered domain name.

Any information that may be provided relating to the client's business, including but not limited to knowledge of products and services, both current and proposed, customer lists, sales and marketing strategies, pending projects, bids and proposals, and financial or other proprietary information, shall be received and kept in confidence.

Cancellation and Refunds

Clients may cancel services verbally or in writing at any time, provided by High Impact Site Design at any time.

If the work provided by HISD has been front-end loaded compared to the fee scale charged, the client is liable to pay the outstanding balance due to bring the work and fees into balance.

If a request for termination of services is made that no refund will be provided, unless the termination was due to the breach of an agreement, in which case any balance of fees paid for which work has not yet been carried out, will be returned, without interest and without prejudice.