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New Domain Name Registration

There are many different registrars available today and it can be difficult to know which one to choose for your new domain name registration. Most people will go with the one that they see advertised most widely, or the cheapest they can find, but those may not be their best options.

Whether you call it a "dot-com name," a web address, a URL, or a simply a domain, the name you choose for your website is critical to its success.

Many businesses choose to use their company name and while this might seem to be logical, it does not help in achieving high rankings in the search engines.

The reason for this is that the domain name is one of the places that the search engines look for the keywords being sought. So if a searcher types in “plumber arlington va” a domain that says “plumberinva.com” or even better “plumberarlingtonva.com”, will fair much better than “jcdobson.com”.

This emphasizes the need to choose your domain name carefully as you don't want to have to change it later.

With a domain name in mind, the next step is to register it for use on the Internet.

We have used many different registrars over the years, including GoDaddy, Network Solutions, and some of the cheaper ones, but the one we keep coming back to is eNom. eNom is the world's second largest provider of Internet registration services, but still has the personal approach and treats all of its customers as though they were the most important.

Their website is easy to understand and navigate and the checkout process is quick and easy compared to some of the other big names.

These are some of the free services included in an eNom registration:

Domain Name Control Panel - Their simple and powerful control panel puts you in charge, letting you manage your domain name whenever you want, from one place.

Domain Forwarding - If you have multiple domain names or another name that is long or confusing you can redirect them to a single, more easily remembered site.

Sub-Domains - Get the most out of your domain name by hosting other sites on different sub-domains (called "host records). For example, you can have www.example.com as your main site, and have a different site at sales.example.com

Registrar Lock - Avoid any transfer mistakes and the loss of your domain. If a domain name has "register lock" turned on, transfers won't be able to go through until you turn it off.

Check the availability of your domain name here