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Internet Marketing Consultant

We are a small design and marketing consultancy, working with business owners and individuals...who usually have a limited budget for internet marketing, but certainly understand the concept of value for money.

Internet Marketing Consultant

As an internet marketing consultant, we not only have the skills to design a professional website for you, but also to make sure that it will figure highly in search engine rankings.  That entails building in key search engine optimization techniques from the ground up.  Without this vital aspect of the process, your website - however attractive - will wither on the vine.

To be effective, a website involves much more than a good layout and attractive graphic design.  In fact some of the most successful websites have very minimalist layouts: think of "Google", the most popular site on the internet, or Bing (used to be MSN).

Many website designers look to provide attractive sites and make great use of photographs, graphics and streaming video, all of which may enhance the look of the site, but can actually harm it in terms of search engine ranking.  These very visual sites, using Flash or similar applications, are often provided by print agencies who have added website design to their portfolio, just to keep up with client demands.  Unfortunately, the sites they deliver are usually electronic versions of the colorful brochures they are used to designing.  They look good, but are useless in the eyes of the search engines.

These flashy graphics-oriented sites also take a long time to load - exasperating the would be visitor, and are difficult, if not impossible, for search engines to read.  And if they can't read them, they can't determine what they are about, and therefore don't include them in search results.  Highly graphical sites are also usually extremely expensive.  So not only do you not get good results - you also pay highly for the privilege!

We are focused on achieving results for our clients, by helping them to define what they want from their site, and then making sure that we deliver exactly that. 

Our background includes over 30 years of business management and conventional marketing experience, combined with copywriting ability and practical web design skills.  This blend enables us to understand your requirements and to develop a website that delivers results for you.

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